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The purpose of Boise Group Homes is to assist individuals with severe intellectual, autism, down syndrome and related disabilities to live in stable, community-scale residences and participate in the mainstream of community life.  The following are the guiding principles of the organization:

  1.  Provide a ‘valued’ lifestyle that reflects typical activities, routines, rhythms and relationships.  The individual lifestyle supported should provide for and promote broad individual choices among activities within neighborhood standards.  Resident choices should be encouraged and respected.  Within the context of these choices an individual’s status and respect should be enhanced, challenging any limiting and negative stereotypes.  ‘Valued’ lifestyles should foster and support connections and continuity of relationships with non-handicapped peers and family.
  2. Be of neighborhood scale.  Community residences should reflect the size, dispersion, and architecture of surrounding neighborhoods.  A residence should provide for private space to each resident and exterior features that fit community standards.
  3. Promote a sense of “home” and “life sharing”.  A “home” gives a sense of place to it’s residents.  It creates a sense of belonging and community among its residents, avoiding “us vs them” relationships.  It offers personal security and a physical and emotional base from which to depart and to return from engagements in outside activities.  All members share the house and its activities mutually, while respecting each others personal habits, preferences, belongings and space.
  4. Support inclusion, regardless of an individual’s skill level.  Participation in all aspects and activities within the home and community should be available to all individuals, regardless of the level of support or supervision needed.  Skill development and behavior change, instead of acting as prerequisites to inclusion, should provide a means of broadening participation options and reducing support needs.  Residents should participate in the ordinary places and activities that define community and home life avoiding “special” and segregating activities or exclusion.

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